Saturday, June 22, 2013

Midnight sale June 2013

21 Juni 2013

Digelarlah belanja sampai tengah malam di 13 mall besar Jakarta.
Pas ulang tahun Jakarta
Pas bulan pembagian gaji ke 13 utk PNS, bonus utk pegawai swasta.
Pas liburan anak sekolah.

Pertama kali ikutan belanja sampai tengah malam, dan bener-bener sampai toko tutup.
Keluar mall SenCi orang-orang pada antri nunggu mobil/ taksi dengan tentengan tas belanja merk-merk ternama.

Aku dapat 3 barang dari target 2 barang.
1. Gaun malam New Look - navy blue
    *additional item, but I'm lucky to found it
2. Healty mix serum foundation - Bourjuis
3. Syal Stradivarius - lavender


SALEnya sendiri sih gak terlalu kerasa kayak yang digembar-gemborkan.
Ya, sale umum aja... Memang udah waktunya utk sale. SUMMER SALE time
Aku sih senang-senang aja karena belanjaanku turun harga semua. Misi berhasil!

Baru sadar aja ternyata memang klo midnight sale itu bener-bener kayak pasar.
Orang-orang pada nyerbu toko-toko. Ruang pas antri.. Kasir antri..
Pusing juga sebenarnya ngelihatin banyak orang berjuang dapatin apa yang mereka mau.
Kebayang juga besarannya transaksi di semua toko.
Kayak kran dengan aliran air yg kencang... Hebat!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

I love shopping Highstreet Brand

Yes, I do love shopping.
...and yes, you can call me shophaholic girl!

It just start in the autumn 2011, when I'm first time shoped at ZARA, and introduced to west cosmetics by my friend, There.
I do know west fashion & cosmetic brand but I never really care or had interest with it. Of course the main reason is because the price is really high & out of my budget.
As a teenager I'm always love fashion & make up.. that girly things is always my passion, but actually I really ignore the brand, 0% knowledge as it's not a big matter for Yogya girls like me.
I did shopping but in local shop/ mall and the price was affordable for highschool - uni student. Fyi, my pocket money at that time was Rp 300,000/ month (USD 30) including for lunch & gasoline.

Then, June 2008 i'm moved to capital city, Jakarta!
I'm working full time at Japan company with salary 2.9M rupiah, so compare with student time it was big increase. Even so, I'm still not a shophaholic girls. I can manage my shopping desire very very well =)
*my hobby is saving money =p

Year by year goes by...
i'm adapted with Jakarta culture - living style, etc...
Jakarta with it's fast movement
Jakarta with all those malls
and as a hard working single lady w no obligation to send money everymonth to parent, no mortgage, no private lesson, no relation, etc
and living in a cheap boarding house, I do have quite money to be waste. 
But, still I'm able to manage it. Bought things that i really needed not i want!

Then again...
All changed!
I'm having new hobby to watch fashionista & make up artist in youtube, idolized Duchess of Cambridge, make friend with There, teaching Indonesia to Mr/ Mrs. Furuta... all of that gave a big influance to me.

Since the first time buying highstreet brand, I than realized why the girls loving it? Back than, I' m used to be mocking them. Why on earth people spend a lot of their money just for fashion?!
Now, I'm become one of them!
I'm freaking highstreet brand lover!
The quality just so pleasant, yet simple but so stylish.
So, everytime they have SALE time, i'm going there straight away. I'll spend my fashion budget that I manage to save for their items.
Now it's not what I needed but what I want! *40:60*

Thus why, I shall not judging people that spend their money for their pleasure again. I'm trying my best because I don't want to be judging too =p 
And this also my answer for my friends that seems little bit unpleasant with my changing.
Yes, I'm not that 30 dollar student girl anymore. I'm not shophaholic at that time because no money to be spend even if I want to.
I need a present to pleasure myself.
I'm totaly become a girl that described in my own final essay at university.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013



that's when I knew outside is having a heavy rain.
Rain that make everyone in Jakarta area worry.. almost everyone.
and today it's happen again. Heavy rain, lightning, traffic jam, plus a fire in SCBD building (even it's don't have conncection with the heavy rain)...
really dark outside when I'm looked out at the window at 4 PM. It's feel like 7 PM indeed.


Me? Not really
But I do concerned whether my kos will be ok?
Even I'm positively sure it's ok =)

How with my colleaques? Are they worry?
Yes, some of them had news from their home, that they are having flood.
and yes, some other are ok. Everthing as usual.

...when it's time to go home, the traffic jam become more jammed!
I'm choose to play HAY DAY game for an hour as i'm hoping at that time it will be less jam, but i'm wrong!
Instead not less but more..

So, what should I do?
Take a bus is a bad choice!
Walking is a better option, so here you go.. i'm walking from Summitmas to kos with Junita for 45 minute.
Many people do the same thing as it is a wasting time to wait a bus & stuck in the jam. Walk is much faster.
Thanks GOD, my kos is near ^^ Poor them who have far home, my sympaty is with you all.

45 minute with mud..
wet street...
undiscipline and stupid bikers that insanely used sidewalk for their road (feel to punch them!)..
finally I'm arrived at kos =)

in the end it was a fun walking time.. fun chat..
no need to take the negative feeling, I just need feel the positive one
Plus, my room is 100% fine ^^

Do I hate it?
No, I don't =)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tahun Baru 2013

Selamat tahun baru 2013
Happy new year 2013

Semoga di tahun yang baru ini kita bisa menggapai cita-cita yg belum tercapai,
berusaha dgn giat & mendapat rejeki yg harus selalu disyukuri,
sehat & dijauhkan dari musibah & marabahaya,
dipenuhi & berbagi kasih dengan sesama ^^

Mari melangkah & menikmati tahun yg baru ini dengan senang, pikiran & semangat yg positif
sehingga banyak kenangan indah yg bisa dilihat kembali di akhir tahun nanti.

I really really wish it for all my family & friend

with love from me

Monday, December 31, 2012

Last day in 2012

This is it!
.. is the last day in 2012.

I made it!! Yeay ^^
Thanks GOD, I can celebrate it with my belove family

Nothing special actually.. in fact we just do activity as usual.
I'm open laundry for Nuri clothes collection! Damn, it damn a lot! Had 37 pieces for today and still mountain left. Can u ever imagine it????

Anyway, it's rain!
Need to pick up mommy first, then buy dinner. We will have PIZZA party!!
Hope Yuca can join!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

December HAUL

bulan perayaan utk ku
bulan penuh SALE
bulan utk shopping xixixi

Show time...
1. Little Thing She Needs flat shoes in nude color

2. Warehouse by L.M. dress

3. CASIO watch
4. Sherlock Holmes novel
5. Warehouse by L.M. knit hat